Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cyberpunk Screamsheets

I was digging about in my old computer folders full of role-play bits and I found a bunch of newspaper style handouts I'd made a while back. These are screamsheets from the Cyberpunk setting so they contain references to Arasaka and Booster gangs and all that kind of jazz.

I never actually used the Cyberpunk rules (I was using some home grown Sending of Eight rules) but that's no reason not to pillage the Cyberpunk setting for all its gritty, dirty, goodness!

These Cyberpunk articles were designed to be handed out, one at the beginning of each session of play. The stories within had little to do with the missions and adventures of the players to begin with - but naturally they end up getting tied into some of the events one way or another.

You could use these as simple inspiration for your own Cyberpunk games - or hand them out to your players in sequence over time and build little sub-plots for the parts that they find interesting.

Anyway, I hope you find them useful for something !


The official Cyberpunk setting and stuff can be found here :
Talsorian Games - Cyberpunk

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